Are you a current student who missed a big event at the university? Or are you an old alumnus curious to know what’s happening in the university these days? You need not worry! FOS Media Reporters are here to save your day.
So, what exactly does FOS Media Reporters report on? We report on a wide range of events. Ranging from a tea party organized at a mini-lecture hall to a full-scale concert at the New Arts Theatre, we cover them all. Be it a gathering of 20 students by a student society, or an Inter-University Rugby Final watched by thousands, FOS Media Reporters will provide you with the latest updates to keep you in the know.
By now, you must be wondering how FOS Media Reporters go about doing what they do. For those of you photogenic superstars, you are more than welcome in front of the lens as FOS Media photographers capture the best moments of the event. Is it a guest lecture at PLR 1? Or is it a charity concert at the National Youth Centre? The best moments of all official events in the university will be at your reach thanks to our reporters.

We also provide videography coverage. Were you a busy organizer who couldn’t enjoy a single moment of Naadanu? Our videography team covered this year’s Naadanu from 3 camera angles to give our viewers the best possible experience (second only to experiencing the show from the crowd). That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what our team is capable of. There are countless other events where we provided complete video coverage.

FOS Media also has a strong reserve of announcers, who are the face of most of the major events in the university. Once again, compering from department functions to app-launches at BMICH, our announcers are at the forefront of a wide range of situations. In conjunction with the videography team, we conduct comprehensive interviews to provide the best possible coverage for a given situation. One of our best productions was TourDeSLUG which was a rebranded version of our SLUG Update from three years ago.
Surely that’s all we have to offer right? Of course not. The biggest factor that separates FOS Media from all other University Media Units is our capacity to live stream events efficiently. FOS Media Reporters are the only group allowed to live stream the biggest event in the university calendar, the annual convocation. Also, we live stream sporting events like inter-university games and even club events like all island speech competitions. Our recent live coverage of the national observation camp for the Annular Solar Eclipse in Jaffna broke our viewership records by a large margin.

So how do you keep in touch with us to receive these updates? It’s simple. Just follow our Facebook page, our Instagram account, and our Twitter handle. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Please do so now if you haven’t already, because we report the best, first.